About Us

Welcome to Hanging Comfort, where suspension meets style. At Hanging Comfort we specialize in suspension based furniture that provides you with functional comfort and unmatched relaxation. 

Taking inspiration all the way back from 1968, where Finnish modernist and interior designer Eero Aarnio invented the first "Bubble Chair" the precursor to the hanging chairs we present to you today. In honor of his innovative functional designs we pay homage to Eero's creating by utilizing his native language of Finnish to name some of our various products. Each product name is a description of its style and features written in Finnish. 

Since 2018, we have been dedicated to providing you with the very best of suspension based furniture. This includes hanging chairs, chaise lounges, sofas, benches, hammocks and more. 

We want to inspire design and functionality while maintaining ultimate relaxation, whether that is inside or outside your home. Style has no limitation, it can perform in any setting.

We place great importance on the environment, innovation, design, functionality, comfort and well-being of our customers and our Hanging Comfort family. These are the hallmarks that frame the cornerstone of our entity. 

Swing on in and check us out.