Hanging Comfort | Shipping Policy

What is Free Shipping (Pick up at LTL Terminal)?

Due to the nature and design of our hanging chairs, hanging beds, and porch swings these products are shipped Freight LTL on a palletized load. This can be an expensive process when shipping to residential areas. To accomplish this we use freight carriers to deliver these products. Our freight carriers go through various terminals on their route. If you would like to save money on shipping and opt out of Residential and Liftgate Delivery you can pick up your product at the closest terminal the shipping carrier can deliver to. (Cargo is generally palletized, heavy and large) 

What is LTL Residential Delivery (No Liftgate)?

The LTL Freight carrier will deliver the product to your residential address. You are responsible for getting it off the truck. (Cargo is generally palletized, heavy and large. Recommended for business that have a forklift.)

What is LTL Residential and Liftgate Delivery?

The LTL Freight Carrier will deliver the product to your residential address and use a liftgate to remove the cargo from the truck for you. You can then unpackage your chair and dispose of packaging. (Recommended for the at home consumer) 

(*Note* Freight LTL comes on large semi-trucks and may have difficulty entering apartments and gated communities. It is your responsibility to be aware of this and make note. If increased shipping costs are associated with accessing your unique location you will be responsible for paying these charges.) 


You can cancel an order 24 hours prior to product shipment. *Please Note* If you cancel an order after shipment has been confirmed you are responsible for paying the shipping costs of your product and any fees associated with rerouting the order. 

We utilize a variety of shipping methods to safely deliver our various products. Some products specifically require that we send them either common carrier or specialty carrier Freight LTL depending on the packaging or unique requirements of the product. Most orders ship out on wooden pallets for added protection against shipping damage, customer is responsible for disposal of the pallet. "Free Shipping" applies to full price orders shipping to the lower 48 US States. Outside of the lower 48 US States, shipping may not always be possible or may need to be arranged by the customer. However please call us, we will do our best to assist in making arrangements.

Additional shipping fees may be incurred for delivery to isolated areas. Orders shipped with freight carriers are most often delivered in large trucks that may not have the ability to access all residential streets, particularly in rural areas or islands where roads may provide limited accessibility. Though this is very rare, in this case additional charges may apply to complete delivery, or the customer would have the option to pick up their order from the shipping company's terminal closest to the delivery location.

For orders picked up from our warehouse location, any and all claims related to the condition of the products, or accuracy of the order must be addressed before receiving and signing for the order at the time of pickup.


  1. Delivery Appointment: Whenever possible, the trucking company will call you in advance to schedule delivery. Unless the product is sent with no signature required, customer is responsible for scheduling a delivery appointment when the shipping carrier calls (usually 2-3 days in advance) at a time when you can be home to sign for the items within the carrier’s business hours. Fees resulting from re-delivery will be the sole responsibility of the customer, so please do not miss your scheduled delivery appointment. Redelivery can take up to a week, depending on your location.
  2. Product inspection: despite any pressure from hurried delivery drivers for you to simply sign for your package, YOU MUST INSPECT ALL ITEMS. This includes noting all damages to packaging and opening the boxes to inspect the contents as well. Any damage to the product that is not noted on the bill of lading will be the responsibility of the customer if the damages are transit related. Proper notation on the Bill of Lading is the only way for our suppliers to receive compensation and resolve transit-related issues.
  • Upon arrival of your item, request that the driver wait and then inspect all internal and external contents for damages and/or discrepancies. Upon signing the release form or bill of lading (BOL/POD) Proof of Delivery, you are accepting responsibility for any damage found after the fact.
  • When a delivery item is signed for and no damage is notated then you are signing you accept the product “as is” and there will be no further requests for replacements or a damage claim.
  • If damage is discovered, describe the damage by writing on the POD – it is vitally important that **You must have the driver acknowledge this with their personal initials and signature, and for you to retain your copy of the POD.**
  • In the event that damage is discovered, report and return ONLY the portions of the shipment that were delivered in a damaged state and noted on the POD/BOL.
  • If damage to the packaging has occurred; any tear, any dent, any markings on the box, then you are entitled to inspect the shipment, thus the driver will wait until you have completed a thorough examination of all items in the shipment.
  • If the delivery confirmation is made with an electronic signature rather than a paper receipt, be sure that before you sign, you have inspected the items and any damages or shortages have been notated into the electronic device (or written on a piece of paper). All documentation must be in writing, never verbal to the driver.

Reporting Damage

Unless the entire item is completely destroyed, please do not refuse shipment. If you have any questions regarding what to do, please call us before you sign for or refuse any package. Typically damage and issues with our products can be fixed fastest when the items are left at the customer's home rather than back in the carrier's hands who caused the damage in the first place. In most cases a part can be replaced, or in circumstances when it is required to replace the entire item, we often allow the customer to use the damaged item until a replacement arrives. Please do not refuse an item unless completely destroyed.

Submitting a Claim

To report damage, please send an e-mail to support@hangingcomfort.com with a description of the damage and pictures and notation made on the BOL/POD. Please include your order ID number or last name on the order. Damage must be reported within three (3) days of receiving delivery. Waiting to file a claim outside of this timeframe makes us unable to advocate on your behalf to the shipper or supplier of your order.

Repair or Replacement Guarantee

By accepting damaged merchandise you are in no way accepting responsibility for the damage as long as you clearly follow the steps for delivery above (see Product Inspection). It is the responsibility of our suppliers to replace or fix damaged or defective items at no cost to you when damage has been noted properly. We take your satisfaction seriously and will immediately take action to fix or replace damaged items.

Please note that some items sold by our suppliers are specialty, and hand-made, one of a kind products. Some may have imperfections such as knots in wood, rough surfaces, color variation, natural stone imperfection or other materials, variations in wicker weaving, minor cracks, repairs, or blemishes that are not considered defects, but are part of the hand-made nature of the product. These imperfections are not considered manufacturers defects and determining the difference between a defect and an "expected imperfection" will be determined solely by Hanging Comfort staff. If you do not like the imperfections present on the particular piece(s) you receive and would like a replacement in order to attempt to receive a product more to your personal liking, exchanges can be made. The customer will be responsible any charges incurred including return shipping costs as well as the cost of shipping the new item. Returns will be subject to the policies above.